What is e-commerce?

A short name for all commercial transactions to take place in electronic environment. At the same time, e-commerce is also referred to as online shopping.

What is B2C?

B2C (Business to Consumer): All transactions that enable business organizations to make marketing and sales through their websites are covered by B2C. Briefly; is a type of e-commerce from a business to consumer. B2C model is a type of e-commerce that allows you to sell products directly from your own company to the user.


Companies that sell goods or services exhibit their products on B2C e-commerce websites. Customers use various payment methods to shop from these sites. In B2C e-commerce websites, the company sells directly to consumers without any intermediary person or institution. Recently, the number of B2C e-commerce sites has increased and people have started to use electronic commerce more frequently than ever before and the volume of e-commerce is increasing day by day.
B2C e-commerce site companies are not only to reach the consumers in close circle but also get contact around the world and have found the opportunity to reach consumers. In this way, they increase their sales even more and gain more revenue than before. Consumers are able to access much more product types and price diversity more easily with electronic commerce and have a double-sided acquisition. Therefore, online shopping brings many benefits for both consumers and sellers. Great savings in time and money. For these reasons, the use of online shopping by both sellers and buyers will continue to increase and firms will increase their investments in this field every day.
The fact that firms have an e-commerce site increases the brand value in the eyes of the customers. In this stage, switching to B2C e-commerce system or electronic commerce is the necessity. Firms are not to be behind the age and to keep up with the innovations.
In B2C e-commerce sites, the seller party can make sales through the any payment method. The most commonly used payment methods are Credit Card / Debit Card, Money Order / EFT, PayPal and Door Payment. In order to increase their sales, companies should offer as many e-commerce payment options as possible to consumers.
You must use the right software and database for B2C e-commerce site. You can either ask for a ready e-commerce theme from a reliable e-commerce software company in accordance with the needs of the company or you can also request brand new B2C e-commerce site software. However, requesting the establishment of a new B2C e-commerce site by using special e-commerce software will take longer than the ready theme. For this reason, companies that want to sell products over the internet generally require ready e-commerce packages.

What is C2C e-commerce?

C2C (Consumer to consumer) refers to trade between consumers on the internet. In the C2C E-commerce model, consumers come together on an e-commerce site, exhibit their products or services, and buyer consumers buy that product or service from the C2C e-commerce site. These created C2C e-commerce sites can host millions of products and users simultaneously and bring them together.
The e-commerce company that makes e-commerce with the C2C e-commerce model is now the world's largest company. According to other species, the fastest growing e-commerce type is C2C. When installed, C2C sites with hollow 5-10 pages are populated by their users in a very short time and millions of products reach the user through these platforms. Companies establishing the e-market do not enter products or advertisements in the C2C marketplace. Vendors or buyers enter advertisements or products and sell products to each other in this way. The person who sets up the platform only provides the controls and makes the definitions.
If you want to build a C2C site (Marketplace), you first need a good marketplace software and a good project. Copying existing C2C marketplace sites will not make you successful. Our recommendation is that you should identify the missing areas and set up a C2C e-commerce site in this direction, which is the logical approach.
C2C site prices vary according to software features and offerings. When choosing the most appropriate C2C package, it is reasonable to choose the one that best suits your job. It is not reasonable to choose a C2C package according to your budget. This package may not meet your needs and you may not receive the profits you expect.
If you want to establish a good C2C advertisement site and manage it successfully, it will be useful to discover the C2C e-commerce packages offered by our company. You can get support from our experts for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2C e-commerce model is the type of e-commerce that allows you to sell your products directly to the end user. B2C (Business to Consumer) is the most widely used and most widely used type of e-commerce. As a result, all transactions that enable you to make marketing and sales from your own website are covered by B2C.
Using e-commerce site will be very easy with the training and panel we will give you. What you need to do is to set a name for your e-commerce site and prepare effective content and visuals to attract the customer's interest about the products you intend to sell through the e-commerce site. The rest will come with a good ecommerce software.
You can easily sell your products via e-commerce sites on the internet. You can set up a private e-commerce site to sell online, or you can open a store on C2C e-commerce platforms. However, we advise you to set up your own e-commerce site and sell your products on the e-commerce site. Of course, you can increase your sales by integrating this site to C2C e-commerce platforms.
You need to select the most appropriate e-commerce package according to your business or project. Before you can select the appropriate e-commerce package, you need to review the package features and choose the package that suits your business and project. If you cannot decide on the package selection, you can get free support from our e-commerce experts.
No, you will pay the package setup fee only one time, and you will use it for a lifetime as long as you receive the infrastructure service. In the following years, you will only pay infrastructure of the web hosting service, SSL and Domain fees. You don’t have to pay any extra different payments or licenses.
You can be benefited from our support services and updates free of charge within the time periods specified in the packages. There is no restriction on our support services. You can get support from our e-commerce experts whenever you need support.
The training is available in the Premium package only, but you can purchase separately. In order to manage your e-commerce site successfully, it will be useful to get training to be aware of the innovations.
The C2C e-commerce model brings together manufacturers, companies, and consumers on a website with a C2C e-commerce infrastructure and gives each other the opportunity to trade their products and services. C2C can be defined as consumer-to-consumer e-commerce.
The e-commerce platform where multiple companies come together and display and sell their products is called the E-Marketplace. You can assemble multiple companies by setting up an E-Marketplace platform and you can get commission revenue from product sales.
C2C e-commerce site owners earn their income from the commissions of products sold through the C2C e-commerce site. You can set the commission rates as you wish, or you can set them according to stores or categories. The system calculates the amount corresponding to the commission rates you will set and sends the amount of commission you deserve to a bank account you specify.
The C2C e-commerce site is an agent. The Site is not responsible for the product or service sold. The relevant retail store within the site is responsible for the products and services sold. For example, you can think of your C2C e-commerce platform as a business center. You rent out the shops in the center. You are not responsible for what the tenant is doing. Like that, you are not responsible for the dealer stores in your C2C e-commerce platform either.
Within the scope of C2C e-commerce packages, there are 3 packages. These are C2C Standard, C2C Advanced and C2C Premium. With C2C Standard e-commerce package, you can make sales by bringing together corporate companies. Sellers must be firm. The C2C Advance package allows companies and individual users to sell on the platform. In the C2C Premium package, companies and individual users can sell. At the same time, real estate and car ads can be displayed. Moreover, mobile applications can also be used.
In E-Marketplace, you can open unlimited stores. There is no limit for opening e-market sites, you can open as many stores as you want.
Yes, of course, you can sell in e-market by credit card. Credit card integration has been done in C2C e-commerce packages and C2C e-commerce works in harmony with the payment systems that provide virtual POS infrastructure.
This point is very important, you must select the C2C package according to your project. In order to select the most appropriate C2C e-commerce package, we recommend that you review the package features and select the package that best suits your project. If you cannot decide on the package selection, you can get free help from our e-commerce experts.
No, you pay the package setup fee only once. You use the package for a lifetime as long as you receive the system infrastructure. In the following years, you pay as much as you use the infrastructure of the web hosting service, SSL and Domain fee. You do not pay an extra different payment or license fee.
Yes, you can benefit from our 3 months support and updates free of charge. There is no restriction on our support services, you can get support from our e-commerce experts at any time of the day you need support.
Yes, of course, you can benefit from our training for free. It is important for us that you successfully manage the E-Marketplace, moreover, it is very useful to be trained to be aware of the innovations.

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