What is web design?

Web design is the planning of a website, the preparation of the content and visuals in an effective manner, and the completion of the creation stages after such processes. In these studies, the appearance of the website, code structure and graphical studies are very important. The online files published in the virtual network environment for the purpose of promoting the promotion of any services or activities are called the website. The whole process of creating these sites is called web design. Coding information in the stages of web design is essential to meet the needs and solve the problems that may arise. Therefore, in order to do a professional job, the web design team must know web technologies well.


We are in the service of your company with our experienced team in web design. Let's investigate your industry together and design your website according to your request. Let's organize the paths and all the steps together. Thus, you will not waste your effort and time.

Considering today's user profile, web site design must be mobile compatible. 65% of users are surfing the internet via mobile devices. To be able to address this extent to a large market your website needs to be mobile compatible. You can reach more internet users with the help of a mobile compatible web site which will be made for us.

QUASAR DIGITAL AGENCY, which provides you with professional promotion and marketing strategies on the internet, will bring together art and coding techniques in design. The website we will prepare will be private to you. We create your website with dynamic designs, web applications, and current marketing strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While determining the price of a website, we would like to learn from our customers:

• Do you want the design to be standard or original?
• Is there a budget you set, if so, how much is it?
• Will you update your website? If you are going to update, will you need a management panel?
• Do you want to sell online on your site?
• Do you need Hosting & Domain?
• How many e-mails will you use?
• How many pages of website do you need according to your plans?
• Is there a logo belonging to your company?
• Do you need corporate identity work?
• Would you like special modules to be used on your website? (price calculation, online appointment, sending SMS etc.)
• Can you tell us 3 sample sites you like and which sections you like from these sites?

We need to know the answers to these questions before giving a web design price to our customer.  Either you're an expert in web site building and construction, or you have a website made for the first time; In either case, you have to provide us this info or the web design company with which you intend to work.
When you conduct market research for a web page design, you will find a wide range of prices. The reasons for price differences can be found in the following articles.

Quality service
The quality of the work, the quality of the work done, is a factor that causes serious differences in prices, and in fact, it depends on many different sub-factors. In short, the most important ones are;
• Whether the page design suitable for new technologies (HTML5, Mobile Compatible Structure)
• Providing fast and uninterrupted service to the visitors even if the website is experiencing high traffic
• The most common and most frequently encountered issue of corporate firms is the use of mail problems.
•Thanks to taking the site backups on a regular basis, weekly or in a certain period of time, the customers to be able to make adjustments on the administrative panel, to reverse the operation in case of a possible error during the transactions

After-sale service
Again, one of the issues that companies complain the most is the after-sale service. Many companies who want to build a website,  make a selection according to the prices but then they regret their choices and conduct a new search for another company.
One point should not be ignored before agreeing with a design firm: At the background of reasonable prices mostly lies poor quality services.

Brand Awareness of Web Design Company
As in every sector, the companies in the web design sector can update their web design prices as they move towards becoming a brand.

We create experiences that change the way people interact with brands – and with each other