What is Social Media?

Social Media is an online network where users publish content that they produce or like, and share them with their loved ones and followers. Social media is actively used by many people and organizations in today's world. This facilitates quick access to product service and information. The announcement is faster than ever. The followers can see the shares of the companies (articles, news, thoughts, daily events, photos, product promotions, campaigns etc.) through social media and reflect their views to the companies through this social network.


What Is Social Media Management?

Efficient use of company platforms in the digital world, social media analysis, strategies and campaigns to bring together products and services with potential customers, to provide a strong brand image, to create and implement a roadmap for the growth of the company, and the entire communication process with the target audience is called social media management.

How is social media management done?

1- Target audience analysis: Who would you like to deliver your products and services? For this purpose, perfect target audience analysis and R & D work are required.

2- Content management: Will your content satisfies your potential customers and satisfy them? When people see your products or services, will you be able to create an impulse to buy?

3- Competitor analysis: What are the differences between you and the companies that sell the same products and services? What are their positive and negative aspects?

4- Internet advertising: The presentation on your products and services is very important. If your firm page's shortcomings have been fixed and your showcase page is in perfect condition, you'll earn money with effective advertising.

How should be the social media management?

1-As a content, text and pictures are very important. You must create a beautiful social media language and maintain corporate communication with potential customers.

2- After target audience analysis, you should concentrate on the requests of potential customers and try to give them the information they need.

3- On social media platforms related to products or services, you should offer promotions, interesting small gifts and keep track of the target audience.

4- The magical effect of the texts and pictures on social media is always very important. In addition, videos are much more important. It should also open up a space for product and service videos in the budget and superiority to competitors.

5- Your company’s page will be seen in the top rank in search engines with SEO compatible writings and articles. Giving your company’s website link to social media platforms will make a big contribution to your firm in the name of branding.

At what times should social media sharing be made?

Time intervals may vary according to factors such as sector, brand, potential customer profile, and geographic location of the target group. Therefore, the most efficient time period is determined by our tests and the hours of sharing are determined with your approval.

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